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The brainchild and progeny of Dallas musician Brent Regier, isopod is an electronic indie pop trio making their way back to the sunny climate of the West Coast. 


With a background in audio and video post-production, music for theater, live sound for silent film, and radio drama-style tape programs, Regier has been creating quirky, purist electronic music under the isopod moniker since the prior decade. Since isopod's conception, the band has played several performances as a duo, trio, and five piece with the most current lineup consisting of Regier on vocals and Moog synthesizer, Coy Wright on drums, and Giordi Frederick on synthesizer. Tech nomad and EBM/industrial music enthusiast Wright, also of Paradigm Shift and Paradise, assumed his duties on the English Simmons drums in 2016. Regier and Wright were later joined by Frederick, a classical piano student at Texas A&M who also accompanies chamber music ensembles.


Although Regier originally formed isopod as a solo project with no intent to perform live, several compilation appearances led to years of Southwest and West Coast touring. After a three year sojourn in Portland and reformation in Dallas, isopod are ready to return to their West Coast fans. 

The Mystic Underground

Synths and sass. Pomp and circumstance. Two simple phrases. Two small glimpses into the minds of singer Vladimir Valette and producer Benedetto Socci. Together, the two combine to form the nucleus of indie electronic pop outfit The Mystic Underground. With inspiration found in the sounds of machines with the warmth and immediacy of the hummable melody, the New York band are primed to inscribe their mark on the pop landscape with their forthcoming LP entitled simply 'Protagonist' out now on the band's Stereosonic label...

Forward in sound and lyrical content, Dallas synthwave trio Pleasure Crisis are currently bringing their first round of live shows to the stage. Carefully crafted songs have culminated in a setlist that is both polished and perfected. Sultry, powerful feminine vocals glide over retrofuturistic synth sounds, driving guitars, pulsing basslines, and dynamic drums detailing both the honesty and vulnerability in love - love lost, love won, and love unrequited.

Initiated by bassist Cameron Brand, the idea of Pleasure Crisis was conceived in Summer 2015 after the demise of his band AT NIGHT. Having performed in numerous other bands of wide ranging styles - Apparatus, Blackheart Society - and opening for several national acts - VHS or BETA, Black Angels - Cameron decided to veer into a different musical direction.  Seeking a female vocalist for a refreshing change of pace, Cameron reached out to singer/guitarist Brandi Paige. Brandi herself had garnered much attention over the years as guitarist and vocalist for the Opus Flux as well as touring nationally with other bands. Cameron and Brandi soon recruited the controlled, precise skills of former AT NIGHT drummer Brian Johnson to complete the lineup.

Together, Cameron, Brandi, and Brian draw on influences as retro as Missing Persons and Berlin and as modern as The Sounds and Chrvrches to produce a sound that could best be described as fast forwarding a Miami Vice soundtrack to the future. It’s each member's deep roots in playing live, however, that add an additional layer to their live set, making them easily accessible to rock and electronic fans alike.

Available online via all major digital distributors is Pleasure Crisis' self titled debut album. Vinyl copies will be available online and at shows in early 2019. For a list of live dates as well as booking and PR information, visit the band’s website at and follow them on Facebook at . 

Sevit is an electronic synth band formed by three members - Cameron B., Jack G., and Brian J. The band’s sound was formed from the influences of synth bands past and brought into the "now" by recreating a decade of post minimalistic, monologic analog sounds with catchy melodies, big beats, and catchy vocal hooks.  

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